An Initial Consultation unlike most others


Your case will be worked by a two to three person team – an attorney, a paralegal, and a tax return preparer, if necessary.  You will receive personalized attention from professionals that are familiar with your case.  Our goal is to get you the best outcome available in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.  We understand that tax resolution does not fit a cookie-cutter mold; every case is unique. We will not give you unrealistic expectations, but we will work diligently to achieve the best possible outcome for your specific circumstances.



Many of our services, such as Offers in Compromise, are available on a flat-fee basis. Based upon our understanding that every case is different and our philosophy of resolving cases as quickly and efficiently as possible, we offer different payment options to fit your specific needs.  We will be happy to discuss with you whether a flat-rate payment option or an hourly billing model best fits your needs.  


Most free consultations are for one purpose only: to get your business.


Our initial consultation is a work session. Bring your documents, bring your questions, bring your concerns, bring an outline. Use your time wisely because you will have my undivided attention and I will lay it out for you. Your options, my concerns, different courses of action that might be taken.

My goal is for you to leave with peace of mind: to know what your plan is going to be going forward.  A tax attorney might not make sense for you and I will tell you if that is the case. 


I'm highly responsive and available for my clients. Let's chat.


-Audra Calvin